About Us

Discover TRASTCOM - The modern pan-European bank
Trastcom Bank is a modern pan-European provider of banking and investment services, serving a discerning, international client base of individuals, companies, institutions, public sector entities and high net worth individuals based in the 31 countries of the EU/EEA area. Trastcom is one of a small number of online-only banks. It does not operate any physical branches and is structured in a way that allows its clients to carry out all their banking needs in their own time, wherever they are. In essence, Trastcom Bank is with you, everywhere.

The modern bank that breaks the paradigms of traditional banking

Trastcom Bank is revolutionizing the way we bank by distributing its services exclusively online, providing superior accessibility, efficiency and convenience to its clients.
Trastcom has a purely international approach to its business and breaks the paradigm of traditionally locally-oriented banking.
The bank’s services have been designed to serve the unique needs of the internationally-oriented individual, or the global citizen, and the companies and institutions related to such individuals.

The values
that define us

Innovation is the essence of Trastcom’s spirit. We exist because of our capacity to create and support revolutionary new ways to make our clients’ banking experience easier, more comfortable and more efficient.

We all share a deep-rooted hunger to revolutionize banking. We truly embrace the process of constant renewal, continuous education and design, and the unrelenting quest for innovation.